Stonewall Sports Charlotte, Inc : Captain/Co-Captain Responsibilities

Captain / Co-Captains responsibilities for all Stonewall Sports Charlotte - Leagues

Team Captains are a vital role for Stonewall Sports Charlotte Inc. They can make or break a player's experience with the league. Team Captains/Co-Captains take on the responsibility of not only team strategy, but also team well-being.

Outlined below are expectations of the role of Team Captain / Co-Captain:

Team Communications

  • Encourage and support all teammates in order to foster an inclusive and unified team
  • Be a role model of good sportsmanship on your team and throughout the league
  • Ensure players are aware of game and practice schedules
  • Communicate to players regarding special events (Not all Leagues will have these)
  • Act as the liaison between team and Board of Directors / Division Leads / Head Officiators and Referees

League Support

  • Ensure team adherence to Sports Rule Books and Policies  at reserved facilities
  • Attend League Leadership meetings throughout the season
  • Attend Captain's Meeting and Referee Training (Not all sports will have these)
  • Encourage attendance at post-game activities (Not all sports will have these)
  • Champion Events and fundraisers through active and enthusiastic participation (Not all Leagues will participate)
  • Select participants for end of season awards from any team and distribute team awards if possible

Best Practices from past sports and seasons / Feedback Received

  • Hold regular team practices throughout the season
  • Coordinate team dinners / team outings preferably at sponsor venues
  • Encourage Team Spirit during regular games (i.e. all dressing in costumes / matching socks, etc.)
  • Come early on game days to cheer for other teams
  • Coordinate a team volunteer event with Time Out Youth (Contact )
  • Create private team Facebook Page / Other communications channels
  • Make sure your teams adhere to our No-Tolerance Policy

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