Volunteer Opportunities

Check back here throughout the season for information on how your team can give back to the community!

Ways we give back:

  • Fundraisers for Time Out Youth & other non-profit community partners
  • Providing weekly dinners at Time Out Youth
  • Bi-annual "Days of Service"

Join one of our Volunteer Committees:

  • Events Committee: This committee assists in planning, promoting, and executing events across all sports leagues.  On this team you will help put together events you already know (like our Drag Show Fundraisers, Season Opener Parties, and Drag Balls) as well as brand new events we have yet to introduce! The Events Committee is led by Events Director Gary Carpenter-Kelly.
  • Community Outreach Committee: This committee has a triple mission: (1) bringing our players & fans together with fun (off the field) social outings, (2) identifying partnerships and opportunities for us to be charitable & give back to the community and (3) introducing new people to Stonewall through recruiting and awareness efforts. The Community Outreach Committee is led by Community Outreach Director Kevin Ussery.
  • Operations Committee: This committee assists with the behind-the-scenes logistics that keep our sports running smooth.   Members of this committee will assist with identifying sponsorships, t-shirt sorting & distribution, maintaining and transporting equipment to and from games.  The Operations Committee is led by Technical Director Ross Brigman.

If you are interested in helping on any of the above committees,  please submit an interest form by 5:00 pm on Friday, July 21 at goo.gl/forms/Iyne24M0Lx1Ecf5G2

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